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Meranti is a versatile hardwood with many subspecies, sources and uses. Meranti is the commercial name applied to a large variety of different hardwood species of the genus Shorea, which is produced and exported worldwide mainly from Malaysia.

Meranti is a popular choice because of its strength, flexibility, durability and its relatively 'moderate' weight. It also has good workability characteristics, including good nailing, glueing and finishing properties.

The timber itself is typically a pink to dark reddish brown. Dark Meranti tends to have poor steam-bending properties, while some species also have a slight blunting effect on tools.

Sizes / Product Dimensions

Lenght: from 3m to 6.6m. Stock depended


  • Furniture (interior & exterior)
  • Doors & window frames
  • Decorative cladding
  • Joinery, including cabinets
  • Counter tops

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