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Pine Flooring profile are a cost-effective means of adding warmth and beautifying a room. The interlocking, tongue-and-groove system allows for hassle-free installation. Proper installation and care will ensure best results and longevity. Available in various lengths.

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Installation & Care of Pine Flooring

The product comes in a variety of profiles, including standard and v-jointed options. As with any finishing product, proper installation and care will ensure best results.

Before installation, flooring should be allowed to acclimatise to the ambient moisture content of the installation environment. Flooring laid over concrete that is still wet, or in basements and cavities, will shrink or expand excessively without proper attention to moisture control and insulation.

When installing on top of a concrete slab, a minimum spacing of 38mm must be allowed. In addition, the concrete must be sealed by a layer of plastic or a waterproof coating to prevent moisture movement. The SABS 043-1973 standard also specifies that ventilation must be allowed. A minimum of 300mm2 of opening per square meter of flooring is required to prevent high changes of moisture content in the floor. This can be allowed along the skirting board. Joist spacing (span) is 450mm centre to centre. Centres greater than this will result in difficulty when laying the boards, as well as an uneven and springy floor.

When installing, start by lying with the tongue facing in the direction you are working. Leave a 5mm - 8mm expansion and ventilation space along the edge of the room, between the flooring and the walls. This will be covered by the skirting. Fastening is with 60mm oval nails, securely nailed at one nail per joist per floor board, countersunk with a punch. Joints must be on the joists, and boards should be trimmed to match the joist spacing. To ensure a hard-wearing finish and longevity, boards must be coated with a specialist floor sealer (varnish) in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ventilation spacing along the walls.

Treat floor with an appropriate sealer

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