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Pine timber that is graded as S5 and S7 complies with certain stress grades, which relate to specific load bearing strengths as per the SANS (SABS/SATAS) certification. Foresta has permission to use the SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) logo on its solid and finger-jointed structural pine timber.

As the name suggests, structural timber has a wide variety of applications this including the construction of roof trusses and frames for timber homes, cabins, sheds, stages and decking bases.

Because of its application, structural grade timber has minimal allowance for defects such as warping and knots. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths (PAR or Rough) that cater for specific applications and requirements.

Sizes / Product Dimensions

38 X 38

38 X 50

38 X 76

38 X 114

38 X 152

38 X 228

50 X 76

50 X 152

50 X 228

76 X 152

76 X 228


Structural timber is used in interior and exterior applications, but is largely ‘unexposed’. This means that it is usually clad or covered with dry walling, board, ceiling, cladding, roof tiles or decking.

  • Timber Homes/Log Homes
  • Bases for Stages and Decks
  • Wendy Houses/Tool Sheds
  • Roofs

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