Black XXX

Intro Text: Timber graded as ‘Black XXX’ (Black Cross) is generally used for the same applications as industrial and crating, as well as structural. However, this grade does not make the S5 specification or grading.
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iframe link - from dj catalogue: /directory/rough-sawn-timber/66-black-xxx
Product Type Overview Black Cross (BXXX) is timber that does not meet the structural timber grade due to one or more defects, for example low density, knots or wane. This timber is commonly used for industrial packaging, building crates and re-enforcing boxes. Sizes / Product Dimensions 38 X 38 Lenght: 3m & 6.6m 38 X 114 Lenght: 3m & 6.6m 38 X 152 Lenght: 6m & 6.6m 38 X 228 Lenght: 6m & 6.6m 50 X 76 Lenght:...

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